Shea Lung is a Midwest-based creative, consultant, and lifestyle blogger serving entrepreneurs.


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I specialize in helping women in the creative industry who are a little bit unsure of where to go next by overcoming burn out and battling overwhelm in simple, practical steps. We'll tackle your schedule, systemize your life so that you can breathe again, and go through goal-mapping that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

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time for a close-up

This right here is my bread and butter! I work closely with my photography clients to get to know their story, the heart of their business, what their current goals are and who their audience is in order to create digital imagery that essentially markets their products for them. I offer monthly content packages as well as full brand shoots and styling.


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LEt's get creative

I love working with brands and business owners that are pursuing intentionality and wellness. If you have a project coming up and feel that we would make great partners, contact me below so that we can chat about writing, photography, styling, artistic design, and speaking opportunities for your big idea. Limited spots available for 2019!



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By default, if we don’t decide for ourselves how we want our day to start, either our distractions or emotions will decide for us what the morning will bring.  You might be surprised just how simple my morning routine is, but it really works for me! Plus, I'll give you some tips on how to create your own.

Nailing down a morning routine


When you work from home, sometimes the morning can rush at you pretty quickly and you don't have time to whip up a healthy breakfast. The best way to combat this by preparing breakfast for the week on a Sunday so you always have something ready to go. Need an idea? Try out this recipe for fruity chia pudding!

A quick work-from-home breakfast


My yearly planner was sitting at the back of my bookshelf, taunting me with little tinges of guilt. I purposefully left it sitting there unopened for months for one reason: I didn’t want to look at the list of goals I made for the new year– and realize how many of them I hadn’t met six months into the year...

Refresh: when your goals aren't working


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